Lucille Hu Wins First Place at the Intersections Poster Session in Life Sciences

SOURCE Symposium and Poster Session is where CWRU undergraduates present their research and creative projects. Congratulations to Lucille for winning first place in Life Sciences for her poster, “Investigating the Mechanisms of Oligodendrocyte Damage in Hypoxia-Induced White Matter Injury.”

Highly Efficient Method for Generating Oligodendrocytes and Their Progenitors

Our latest work has been published in Nature Communications "Rapid functional genetics of the oligodendrocyte lineage using pluripotent stem cells". Congratulations to Angela Lager and the entire team! The work demonstrates a highly efficient method for generating oligodendrocytes and their progenitors from mouse ES and iPS cells providing a rapid platform for genotype–phenotype interrogation in oligodendrocytes.

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New Disease Phases Exposed in Pediatric Neurological Disorder

Our latest work on Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease has been published in Stem Cell Reports. Congratulations to Matthew Elitt and the entire team for their efforts. Their work demonstrates the power of stem cell biology to uncover new pathological phases in this pediatric disease. These findings will be critical for the development of comprehensive therapies for patients.

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A New Milestone in Laboratory Grown Human Brain Tissue

Our latest paper is out today in the journal Nature Methods. Congratulations to Mayur Madhavan, Zach Nevin, and the entire team on developing a method to generate human brain tissue in the laboratory from any patient. These “oligocortical spheroids” now include oligodendrocytes allowing us to study human myelin development and disease in the lab for the first time.

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A New Roadmap for Repairing the Damage of Multiple Sclerosis

We are proud to have collaborated with the Drew Adams lab on an exciting study published today in the journal Nature. The study defined a unifying mechanism by which small molecules stimulate the generation of new oligodendrocytes and enhance remyelination. This discovery will accelerate efforts to develop safe and effective medicines for patients with MS and other myelin disorders.

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Paul Tesar receives Diekhoff Award for Mentoring

Paul Tesar was selected as one of two recipients of the 2018 John S. Diekhoff Award for Mentoring. The annual award is presented to two faculty members who epitomize what it means to teach graduate students: to connect them with experts in their discipline, engage them academically in a forthright and collegial manner, and actively promote their professional development. One student award nominator wrote, “I want to be Paul when I become a faculty member myself, and it just isn’t his science … but his personal life and ability to balance the two…He is as good a mentor as he is a scientist.”

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Tyler Miller matches at Massachusetts General Hospital

Congrats to Tyler who recently started as a Clinical Pathology Resident at Massachusetts General Hospital. Tyler received his MD and PhD through Case’s MSTP program and plans to continue his research on glioblastoma in Boston.

Lili Barbar wins the CWRU Michelson Morley competition

CWRU hosts an annual research competition for all Case undergraduates who have conducted research, which is biologically related. This year, Lili was selected as a finalist to give an oral presentation and won! Congrats Lili!

Sam Qian selected for the summer PSURG program

Provost Summer Undergraduate Research Grant (PSURG) is a full-time summer program that supports undergraduate CWRU students. Sam’s project deals with the characterization of Astrocytes, cells integral for the function of the Central Nervous System. Specifically, he is focused on the role that dysfunctional astrocytes play in Vanishing White Matter Disease, a devastating genetic disorder that destroys the white matter of the brain and causes neurological symptoms. Congrats Sam!

Lucille Hu selected as a Beckman Scholar

Lucille was selected as one of two undergraduate students in the inaugural class of Beckman Scholars at CWRU. The prestigious undergraduate research grant and extensive mentorship was awarded for her research titled, “Investigating Methods and Mechanisms of Oligodendrocyte Restoration in Hypoxia-Induced White Matter Injury.”

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