Kevin Allan

Graduate Student

BS in Neuroscience
University of Rochester

Kevin Allan graduated from the University of Rochester in 2014 with a B.S. in Neuroscience. During undergrad, he studied host-pathogen interactions of HIV in Dr. Baek Kim’s lab and the role of platelet activating factor in the inflammatory response in a mouse model of Multiple Sclerosis in Dr. Harris Gelbard’s lab. He is currently in Case Western's Medical Scientist Training Program pursuing an MD/PhD. His main interests include uncovering novel drivers and inhibitors of oligodendrocyte differentiation as well as parsing the mechanism of hypoxic damage to oligodendrocytes in the context of neonatal brain injury. In his free time, Kevin enjoys running, swimming, biking, playing volleyball and making his friends hang out with him for some intense Mario Kart and super smash brothers. Following graduation from Case Western, Kevin’s goal is to pursue a research track residency program at one of the academic hospital systems in Boston.