Marissa Scavuzzo

Post Doctoral Scholar

PhD in Developmental Biology
Baylor College of Medicine

BS in Neuroscience and Biology
Baldwin Wallace University

When I first embarked on a scientific career, my primary pursuit was to make discoveries that aid human health; however, it is the creativity and innovation of experimentation that has continued to inspire and captivate me. I am particularly interested in regenerative medicine and envision a future in which diseases and disorders can be rectified through a coalescence of genetic and stem cell based approaches. My long-term research goal is to lead a team of scientists to make stem cell based regenerative medicine a reality for every patient, bringing a new realm of healthcare and medicine. Beyond the implications stem cell research has for transplantation, this system will have substantial impact on drug development and personalized medicine by allowing for species-specific and even patient-specific screening, and will allow investigation of processes and tissues otherwise inaccessible. The concept of taking any cell and re-directing its fate and even growing them into human organoids is enthralling, and I am committed to playing an integral role in progressing this technology so that in the future, any cell type or organ of interest could be generated.