Paul Tesar

Associate Professor

Oxford University

B.S. in Biology
Case Western Reserve University

Biomedical Research Bldg.
2109 Adelbert Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Tel: (216) 368-6225

Paul Tesar was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and received his undergraduate degree in biology from Case Western Reserve University in 2003. His undergraduate thesis focused on mesenchymal stem cell biology in the laboratories of Dr. Stephen Haynesworth and Dr. Arnold Caplan. Paul went on to earn his Ph.D. from the University of Oxford as a recipient of a prestigious scholarship from the National Institutes of Health. Paul finished his graduate work in just over 3 years and received some of the highest graduate student accolades including the Beddington Medal from the British Society of Developmental Biology and the Harold M. Weintraub Award from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. He then continued his training as a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the National Institutes of Health. During his graduate and postdoctoral studies, under the tutelage of Professor Sir Richard Gardner and Dr. Ron McKay, Paul investigated how to harness stem cells as a tool to understand the formation of the nervous system and associated diseases. Paul’s early studies culminated in a landmark paper in Nature where he described the isolation of a new type of stem cell. This finding is one of the most cited papers in stem cell biology and has provided a paradigm shift on how we understand and utilize stem cells for research and medicine.

Paul returned to his hometown in 2009 to join the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine faculty as a Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation Scholar. Paul assembled a highly successful laboratory team demonstrated by the Tesar lab’s continuous string of scientific breakthroughs published in top-tier research journals and recognized in hundreds of national and international media stories. Paul’s scientific achievements continue to be recognized as he was named a Robertson Investigator by the New York Stem Cell Foundation in 2011. One of only four annual awardees in the world, the honor recognizes and supports scientists leading their generation in stem cell research. In addition, Paul was recently given the President’s Award by the Myelin Repair Foundation for his lab’s innovative stem cell-based approaches to myelin disorders.

The Tesar lab continues to develop cutting edge stem cell technologies for better understanding and treatment of nervous system disorders including multiple sclerosis, pediatric leukodystrophies, and brain cancer. In addition to his primary appointment as a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences, Paul maintains appointments in the CWRU Department of Neurosciences, the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, the National Center for Regenerative Medicine, and the Department of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. He also serves as Director of the Pluripotent Stem Cell Facility at CWRU. In 2014, Paul was appointed to an endowed professorship as the Dr. Donald and Ruth Weber Goodman Professor of Innovative Therapeutics.