Yuka Maeno-Hikichi

Research Scientist

PhD, University of Tokyo

MS, Osaka University

BS, International Christian University in Tokyo

Yuka received her B.S. in biology and chemistry from the International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan. She went on to receive her Master of Medical Sciences from Osaka University, studying IL-6 signal transduction. She then moved to the University of Tokyo and earned her Ph.D. on the study of physical property of cadherin mediated cell-cell interaction using optical trap and optical tweezers. During her postdoc training, equipped with broad range of skills and knowledge, she moved onto studying several different themes in neuroscience such as glutamate transporter, voltage gated calcium channels, prion, immediate early gene Arc, TrpC channels, activity dependent synaptic vesicle cycling and NCAM in the neuromuscular junction formation and myelinogenesis in invertebrate. Throughout her scientific career, her primary interest has been molecular mechanism of cell-cell communication. She is currently researching the development of the physiological readout of remyelination, establish a new system using earthworms to measure the demyelination and remyelination, and understand myelin evolution. She hopes to find the molecular basis of earthworm myelin and regeneration property of myelin producing cells, neuron, glia and blasts cells.